Robotics Vs Composite Advanced Technology

The composite material is made by combining two or more materials, some of these materials used are fiberglass, carbon fibres or carbon nanotubes.  Composites made with carbon fibres are lighter and stronger than fiberglass but more expensive to produce.  Carbon nanotubes are even lighter and stronger than composites made with carbon fibres but they are … Continue reading Robotics Vs Composite Advanced Technology

How to win new business with Robotic Trimming?

Global sales of industrial robots rose significantly and it expected to double to 400,000 a year by 2018.  Industrial robot pricing will continue to decline over the next decade by more than 20 percent Robotic Trimming refers to the process of removing excess material from a part that has been fabricated for example removing the … Continue reading How to win new business with Robotic Trimming?

Robotic Systems main parts

Once you’ve decided it’s time to buy a robot, there are three main robotic systems components to consider to start. However, whether you get to robotic automation or not, you need to do something to stay competitive or or somebody else will take your place. Take your time in finding an integrator that knows industrial automation and robotic system. As … Continue reading Robotic Systems main parts

Robot welding automation using 3D printing

Robotic welding automation using 3D printing Even though, companies have the idea that robots are difficult to program, they soon learn that robots are easier to program and that in the long run it’s easier to train someone to operate the robot than teaching somebody to weld.  Now, however, a team of students at the … Continue reading Robot welding automation using 3D printing

Can Robot milling replace a traditional CNC machine?

Robot milling involves adding the flexibility to replace a traditional CNC machine A robot milling can now replace a machine tool in certain applications, bringing a high level of flexibility to use different tools in the 3D space that changes the way processes and component design are viewed. Robots Milling are capable of producing the highest … Continue reading Can Robot milling replace a traditional CNC machine?


Robot system integration can benefit a business and its staff, see below: Increased productivity while maintaining quality. Significant Savings- Offering quick returns on investment via increases in productivity and efficiency. Improved Quality by providing consistent, repeatable results. Safety – Industrial automation effectively improves workplace safety and protects workers from injury. Robotic system Integration can endure extreme … Continue reading “TOP 5 REASONS” WHY ROBOT SYSTEM INTEGRATION CAN BENEFIT A BUSINESS AND ITS STAFF? 

Purpose of our blog Robotic News!

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