Five critical parameters in Industrial Control Systems

There are five categories involved in integrating different Industrial control systems. Control systems integration is fundamental to Industrial Automation. In fact, control system integrator provides maximum value to the client by designing the system following these parameters including higher levels of control that manage personnel, materials, and equipment across all factory production areas. A good Control system integrator will follow all these parameters and all ISO standards.

There are five factors involved in integrating different control systems:

  1. Software infrastructure
  2. Process database
  3. Users Interface
  4. Alarm management
  5. Network security

Software infrastructure: A automation system requires that the application must be integrated into the systems.  It is the main reason why software infrastructure is important for system integration.

Process database: Database is a collection of data. These data are organised in the way that the data can be accessed in different ways for the users.

Users Interface: The human-machine interface (HMI) allows users to monitor the production. The information of the HMI is shown using graphics, reports, historical activities, and alarms.

Alarm management: Alarm systems help to identify critical issues on time, Plant operation requires alarms to take a timely effective decision. Alarm management is critical when integrating different control systems to monitor different function in the production.

Network Security: Integrated control and safety systems (ICSS) share information between industrial systems and management systems. Industrial systems include programmable logic controllers (PLCs), process control systems, safety systems. Automation is not only about control of the equipment, it also includes higher levels of control that manage personnel, materials, and equipment across all factory production areas.

The Functional Design Specification is a critical document that helps the client to have a clear understanding of the project and it also minimises the risks of misunderstanding during the building and commissioning phases. Check out more details on our website.


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