New robot technology IOT 4.0 for Robotics

Robotics has helped manufacturers to increase productivity. Robots can perform complex tasks that require accuracy and repeatability.

Today’s trends are towards harnessing new technologies, for example using smartphone interfaces to enable customers to monitor their robot’s performance. Industrie 4.0 will help the manufacturer to monitor data in real time, production activities and gather production details such as a number of units produced by each robot for a specific period.

Having accurate data will allow the creation of charts that will help smaller to mid-size manufacturers to take timely decisions and focus more on the production needs.

You can be in any part of the world and at the same time monitor what is happening on the production line. It is not just largely integrated factories or the larger original equipment manufacturers who can benefit from this new and powerful trend in robotic technology.

New Robot or Used Robot Installation

Whether you opt for new or used robots, robot integration can be a simple straightforward process or more involved in the case of complex production systems. Some robot applications are less straightforward than others, possibly requiring modification to existing equipment, re-design and the use of a robot software simulation package for better results.

We can adapt the new or used robot to integrate into the existing production line including setting up of the robot, programming of the trajectories, and commissioning of the complete system. It is important to carry out design studies and introduce any changes to future proof the installation.

It is always recommended that an experienced engineer review the design study to ensure nothing is overlooked. Also, CAD/CAM robot software is used particular where very long tool paths are involved in the case of milling cells.

How to program or modify a Robot Programming language?

Robot manufacturers each have their own specific programming language, even though, they have some similarity, it is important that the programmer has an in-depth knowledge of each specific robot type.

Most of the time modifications to existing programs are straightforward, for example, if you need to update from one robot cutting process to two cutting processes, it requires less programming work than if you were looking to perform two types of different tasks in the one production line operation.

Robotic technology has advanced and it provides a more structured code and well-organized patterns. A robot programmer should be able to understand where the limitations are and how the programming is affecting the whole process.


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