Why is important to choose a system integrator on your automation process?

System integrators’ expertise includes engineering experience such as electrical design & installation, PLC/HMI/SCADA programming, testing, commissioning and after sales support. They provide control, automation, robotic systems and data information to help to manufacture to take an important decision. The robotic and system integrators integrate from multiple suppliers to provide the best integration solutions to the clients.

  1. An Integrators know the best and most cost-effective because of their expertise and years of experiences.
  2. They follow all regulations and standards on the industry
  3. Project Manager will get the right equipment for the project
  4. Production uptime and easy troubleshooting when components fail
  5. Project delivery on time
  6. An Integrator can also help you to get the best control panel
  7. They ensure an effective thermal management in the panel to reduce damage to the components
  8. They make sure the panel is being thoroughly tested to avoid future problems.
  9. Integrator will identify possible issues and provide automation solution
  10. Providing proper documentation of the project.

The system integrator brings their knowledge of mechanical, robotic, experience in process and modern business technology. They experience to allow them to identify issues and knows how to integrate into a functional system.

How do you identify a good system integrator?

A good system integrator is certified by well-known associations, some of them are National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting, SafeContractor, ISO, Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme.

They should have a track record of their experiences with real cases studies.

Phoenix will provide their expertise on System Integration and Robotic Automation.