How to win new business with Robotic Trimming?

Global sales of industrial robots rose significantly and it expected to double to 400,000 a year by 2018.  Industrial robot pricing will continue to decline over the next decade by more than 20 percent

trimming robotRobotic Trimming refers to the process of removing excess material from a part that has been fabricated for example removing the flashing from a part that has been removed from a thermoforming process.

Industrial robots are both flexible and precise while maintaining consistency and accuracy.  However, the biggest advantage of using robots for trimming is the ability to overcome a skills shortage.  Using robotic trimming enables you to speed up your production cycle and to deliver a high-quality product.

We always read that industrial robot improves Productivity, Safety, Quality and Cost Competitiveness, if this holds true, the return of investment is the first roadblock keeping many manufacturers from moving forward with robotic systems.

In fact, we will be answering the following question in our series of articles titled: How to calculate the time before your investment is completely paid off due to the savings difference that has accumulated from your robotic production improvements?

Take your time to find a System Integrator that not only understands the requirements of your trimming applications but also that provides you with a complete automation solution starting with the robot itself to the commissioning of the full system integration.

We would like to help our customers to take the right decision. Do not miss our next article.


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